About Us

Each of our nine professional companies is focused on exceeding your expectations.

From providing a secure footing to putting a roof over your head, we take pride in designing, installing and maintaining access, flooring, canopy and tent structures.

We believe that every customer is unique, and we take time to understand your business or event before we suggest a solution. We supply the aviation, construction, events and mining industries with rental, sale and custom-manufactured options.

Our service doesn’t end once your marquee has been pitched or your temporary roadway, portable reusable airstrip or exploration foundation has been laid. Rather, we offer full maintenance and servicing options to ensure that you get optimum results from our products for the entire time you need them. And once the music has stopped or the earth has been moved, you can rely on us to restore the site to its original state. If that sounds like a big promise, it’s one we can make easily because all our portable infrastructure installations are designed to have a light ecological footprint – no matter how heavy a load they are bearing.

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Reach your destination

Remote locations present significant access and productivity challenges. Our solutions are designed to get you and your equipment there, so you can get the job done.

Our temporary roadways and airstrips can transform your transfers, while our composite base rig matting systems enable even the heaviest equipment and vehicles to traverse swamps, sand and wetlands without churning them up and scarring the landscape.

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Stay the Distance

Our easily-installed portable flooring systems are the ideal solution for private and corporate events, exhibitions and repurposing venues (from sports to concerts, for example).

When it comes to accommodation, we can create fully serviced tent cities to support your mining, harvesting or construction endeavours, no matter what the terrain or the transportation challenges. We’re here so you can be there.

Our Key Services

Our service portfolio is designed to meet your needs, exceed your expectations, and consistently delight you.


Tent and Event Flooring


See-Through Stretch Tents


Multi-Colour Flooring


Floors (Decking) Over


Recessed 32mm Underfloor Ducting


Exploration Mining


Portable, Removable, Reusable Aircraft Runway Mats


Permanent Custom Fabric Structures


Custom-Designed PVC Structures
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