Fabric Structures

We create and install custom-made portable fabric structures for sports stadia, car park, turnkey mobile camps, disaster relief, hospitality venues and more.

F3 Fabric Structures can be proofed against rain, UV rays and bugs. F3 Group will recommend structures that serve the client’s needs and are compatible with the setting, temporary or permanent. Clients can choose a preferred colour, style and size.

Bedouin Tents

An alternative option to the standard Pole-Type marquee, offering a unique, futuristic look as well as a practical, functional design. The Bedouin is easy and quick to install with the largest option assembled in less than 30 minutes. The Bedouin is not extendible; but it is able to be joined to another of the same size. Due to the ease of assembly, the Bedouin is able to be hired out as a 'stand-by' marquee and can act as portable shelter on day trips in nature.

  • - Canopy
  • - Fully enclosed tent
  • - Water proof & shaded
  • - Any pantone colour

Bedome Clearspan™ Tensile Marquee

An alternative option to the standard Pole-Type marquee. The Bedome ™ is remarkably easy and quick to install, with the largest option assembled in less than 15minutes. The Bedome ™ is available with both 'window' and 'plain' side walls and is able to be hired out as a portable “stand by” marquee.

Double King Pole

The Double-King-Pole Marquee was designed to eliminate the need for queen/quarter-poles in wider-width structures, offering a more aero-dynamic, stable venue. Cost Effective and Stable, the Perfect Portable Structure for weddings and corporate conventions.

Snow Peak

Offering a dramatic aesthetic appeal and a WOW-Factor whilst offering protection from both wind and rain. The framed side walling system looks neater and is relatively easy to assemble.

  • - Increased Stability
  • - No Guide ropes as tripping Hazard
  • - A high-level entertainment facility for larger, more prestigious functions - churches, corporate functions and exhibitions.


Offers all the characteristics of a standard frame-type marquee with the added advantage of a computer-patterned tensile roof construction. The Himalaya is designed to be used in most applications requiring a free-standing portable solution and clear span alternative.

  • - Constant tension throughout the roof section in all directions
  • - Secure in a windy environment
  • - Adjustable leg height
  • - Plain or cottage pane walling
  • - Tensioned walling to prevent flapping
  • - Solid Aluminium framed walling and door systems in glass or fibre

A-Frame (Confram)

An extendible A-framed marquee, constructed from electro-plated mild steel. The Confram is designed to be used for most mid-size venue applications requiring a portable, 'free-standing' clear-span alternative, including: Weddings, Home or corporate functions and on site storage.
Cost effective portable fabric structure solution

  • - Adjustable leg height
  • - Slide able side walls for entrance and exit points
  • - Adjustable leg height
  • - Floorings systems
  • - Various colours
  • - Various inner lining styles
  • - Ducted heating and air conditioning
  • - Clear plastic roof sheets

Alu-Hall & Alu Party Tents

A clear-span extendible portal frame Marquee (aluminium alloy structure). Due to the fact that the structure is erected on ground level and does not require scaffolding or ladders, it makes for easy erection. The Alu-Hall is designed to be used in most applications requiring a portable, free-standing and clearspan alternative, from the smallest walkway to the largest corporate function.

  • - Adjustable leg height
  • - Slide able side walls
  • - Various Colour choices
  • - Clear plastic roof sheets